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1 x Garrett soft detector bag
1 x Minelab E-Trac Metal detector
1 x Garrett Ace 400i Metal detector
1 x Garrett 5" x 8" DD Coil Cover
1 x Garrett AT Pro International Adventure Pack
1 x Minelab CTX3030 metal detector
1 x Minelab GPZ7000 19inch coil
1 x Garrett New goldpan kit
1 x Garrett Camo Digger's finds Pouch
1 x Garrett ATX PI md 20" mono coil cover
1 x Garrett ATX PI md 8" mono coil cover
1 x Garrett Ace 4.5inch sniper coil
1 x Garrett 5x8inch Ace DD coil
1 x Garrett Clear sound easy stow headphones
1 x Garrett 8.5x11 DD Ace coil
1 x Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Handheld Detector
1 x Garrett 9x12 AT coil
1 x Garrett Backpack.
1 x CScope CS990xd 17khz non motion metal detector
1 x Garrett AT 4.5inch sniper coil
1 x Garrett ATX11x13 coil cover
1 x Garrett ATX hard case
1 x Garrett carry bag
1 x Minelab Excalibur II metal detector
1 x Garrett Retriever II Pick
1 x Minelab Etrac/Safari enviro control box cover
1 x Garrett ATX Std Coil cover
1 x Garrett ATX PI metal detector+Propointer
1 x Garrett ATX new 11" x 13" mono closed coil.
1 x Garrett Z-Link wireless system
1 x Garrett AT Pro International + finds pouch
1 x Garrett submersible headphones
1 x Garrett AT GOLD + finds pouch
1 x Garrett ATX PI md 8" mono coil
1 x Garrett ATX PI deep seeker metal detector package.+Propointer.
1 x Garrett AT Max metal detector
1 x Garrett ATX PI md 20" mono coil
1 x Garrett SeaHunterMkII
1 x Garrett At 5x8inch DD coil
1 x Garrett sand scoop
1 x Garrett Master sound headphones
1 x C-Scope CS4PI Pulse induction metal detector
1 x Garrett Ace 300i metal detector
1 x Garrett Edge digger
1 x Garrett AT GOLD Adventure Pack
1 x Garrett ATX PI metal detector
1 x CScope CS770xd 17khz non motion metal detector
1 x Garrett Master sound watertight connector headphones
1 x Garrett AT Zlink cable
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